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Know Your Rights as a Consumer

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS as a CONSUMER of Team Msan Lifecare & Tourism (I) Private Limited

We at TLC believe in 100% customer satisfaction and would like to ensure that our IBA receive the best services from the Company as well as our registered C & F and Franchise owners. In a bid to reach out to you for better communication, transparency and with improved services, we dedicate this page exclusively for you to know your rights as ‘A Consumer’ of our products & various services. Please spare a few minutes to understand how best you can be associated with us for the wonderful opportunity of tourism, education, e commerce, health and wealth we offer to the world. Do visit our website for more comprehensive information about our company.


You have the right to know who is visiting you. Please entertain only those Independent Business Associates (IBAs) who are willing to schedule a prior appointment to visit you and present their Business ID card issued to them by the Company. No IBA is allowed to visit you without your consent, prior appointment and without presenting their ID card.


Receive full information on the Company, Products & Services, Prices, Operational Module and the IBA approaching you. You may do so by requesting the IBA visiting you for full information or by visiting our website:


The updated price list is available on our website for download. This contains the MRP prices of our products. Additionally, all our products have MRP labels on them, which indicate the maximum price at which you should purchase them.


It is important that you understand that we are a Network Marketing Firm and we operate through a network of registered TLC Independent Business Associates. IBA’s are requested to buy the products directly from the company, authorized franchisee or shopping portal.



Always insist on receiving a bill or invoice of any Team Msan Lifecare & Tourism (I) Private Limited Products that you have purchased from our Independent Business Associates, Authorized Franchisee. Do not deal in any transaction if not provided with an appropriate proof of purchase and if the MRP labels of the products have been tampered with.


We have no investment requirement to be associated with the Company at any stage. If you are approached by a TLC Independent Business Associates to sign an application with the company, please note there is no payment you need to make other than the price of the products you purchase.


The Company does not advocate or encourage any kind of monetary transaction which takes place between individuals. Advance payments for any purchases where there is no immediate delivery of product, must be made directly to the Company in its bank account. Company takes full responsibility only for the payments received directly in its bank account and assures the delivery of these products.


Company has a very liberal Buy Back Policy to offer to its IBAs as well as its end consumers. If you are not satisfied with our Product, you are free to return them to our Team Msan Lifecare & Tourism (I) Private Limited Head Office with the Tax Invoice and receive a refund as per the T & C. Please refer to refund policy.


We welcome you to report any complaints or grievances related to our Products or Services on our website: Never hesitate to ask any questions, information, or receive any clarity when dealing on our Products or with our Registered TLC Independent Business Associates.