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About Direct Selling Industry

Direct Selling Industry

  • What is Direct Selling?
    • Direct Selling is one of the fastest growing and exciting industry that provides companies an alternative channel for the sale & distribution of products and/or services directly to the customers. The industry uses a variety of distribution model which includes Multilevel Marketing and Network Marketing.
    • The rise of the emerging middle class market, technological innovations and a relaxing of restrictions on capitalism has triggered a major growth in this industry. As more people begin to discover the benefits of a market-based economy, entrepreneurism has flourished.

    2013 figures from WFDSA (World Federation of Direct Selling Associations)

  • Future of Direct Selling
    • The Direct Selling Industry generates around 184 Billion dollars ($) and engages over 103 Million Independent Distributors globally.
    • In India, this domain will reach a value of INR 15,000 Crores by the financial year 2019-20. MSAN Lifecare’s plan is to make the best of this opportunity and transform the life of as many people as we can.
  • How does all this work in MSAN Lifecare?
    • In MSAN Lifecare, we call our distributors / networkers ‘Independent Business Owner’ or IBO’s for short.
    • We offer a world class, well researched and carefully developed array of exclusive products that are purchased by our customers all over the world through our secure, robust and reliable online store.
    • We offer a world class, premium quality, well researched and carefully developed and backed by a potency guarantee products that are purchased by our IBO’s all over India through our online / offline stores.

Our Compensation Plan

MSAN Lifecare offers a unique, rare, innovative, rewarding and Hybrid compensation plan. The plan pays commissions and incentives to our IBO’s for promoting our products and/or services and referring potential IBO’s to sign up for the Business Opportunity offered by MSAN Lifecare. This unique plan enables our IBO’s to receive the commission on First Purchase and Re Purchase as well. We pay against First Purchase on a weekly basis and Re Purchase on monthly basis.