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IBO's Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics




“TLC” is the brand/trade name of “Team Msan Lifecare & Tourism (I) Private Limited” Company.


IBO’s are requested not share the user ID & Passwords with anyone for any reason. IBO’s are also requested to change their password periodically. Management is not at all responsible for such unauthorized transactions.

Eligibility /Qualifications

To become an Independent Business Owner (IBO) of Team Msan Lifecare & Tourism (I) Private Limited, the following are essential.

Registration of IBO-ship


IBO-ship Renewal is free of cost and will be made at request, subject to submission of a renewal form if no request is made. Team Msan Lifecare & Tourism (I) Private Limited IBO-ship will be lapsed automatically on completion of one year. It is a prerogative of the company to accept or reject the renewal application.

Transfer of IBO-ship

No IBO-ship will be transferred to another person. IBO-ship is non-transferable except in case of succession. Subject to participation in business development activities commissions will be paid to successor other WISE successor is not entitled to claim commission.

Corporate as an Independent Business Associate

Any corporation whether it is a proprietary concern or partnership concern or limited or private limited company registered under the Companies Act can become an IBO of succession subject to the norms as required under statutory provisions. In case of a partnership firm, a copy of the partnership deed along With resolution of the firm is required In case of a company, to become an associate, it requires M.A. A.A, Form 32 duly attested by the Managing Director of the company any supported by a resolution of the Board of Directors. Change of authorized Signatory on behalf of the firm or company can be made on proper representation: no third party transfer will be allowed.


All the Independent Business Associates must have certain commitments under the Code of Ethics.


A Team Msan Lifecare & Tourism (I) Private Limited IBO’s must possess the quality of professionalism at all times, while promoting the Team Msan Lifecare & Tourism (I) Private Limited as stated below:

Franchisee & Retail Store

An IBO, who works in or owns a retail store, must operate his or her Team Msan Lifecare & Tourism (I) Private Limited business separate and apart from the Franchisee & Retail Store. Such IBO must secure customers and deliver products to them in the same manner. As Team Msan Lifecare & Tourism (I) Private Limited IBOs who have no connection with a store.

Team Msan Lifecare & Tourism (I) Private Limited Franchisee / Carry & Forward Agent(C & F)

The IBO who obtained Franchisee / Carry & Forward Agent(C & F) shall adhere to the terms and conditions of the Franchisee / Carry & Forward Agent(C & F) agreement apart from the agreed terms & conditions. In case failed to do so, disciplinary action will be initiated. Every Franchisee / Carry & Forward Agent(C & F) shall obtain appropriate and necessary permissions\ sanctions for doing business from Local Authorities and shall indemnify the company for all legal statutory compliances.

Presentation of / Team Msan Lifecare & Tourism (I) Private Limited

First Contact with Prospective Customers and IBOS

At the first contact with prospective customers an IBOs, should:

The referring IBO must comply with the following guidelines:

Obligations are Not Allowed

No IBO shall represent that there is any obligation from him/her to purchase the product and/or services under MSAN Reward Plan. Or be made to believe that by the said purchase they will get earnings easily. If the company receives any reasonable or credible information that any sale has been made out on the obligations or false representations, then the associate ship of such an IBO will be terminated immediately without any prior notice.

Sign Board

An IBO of Team Msan Lifecare & Tourism (I) Private Limited has to seek written approval from the company for using Team Msan Lifecare & Tourism (I) Private Limited Sign Board display in his/her/their personal office premises irrespective of whether it is visible to the public or not. For seeking approval, the IBO should send a detailed description of the Sign board size and location of the display. The company reserves the right to withdraw permission to display Team Msan Lifecare & Tourism (I) Private Limited name. If the standards stated are not met.

Sign on Vehicle

An IBO may use the Team Msan Lifecare & Tourism (I) Private Limited or its trade name Team Life Care, trademark, logo type, design or symbol on any vehicle only with prior written consent from the company. We suggest using only those manuals that are officially launched by the company.


No IBO Is permitted to list his or her personal telephones In the name of the company.

Fund-Raising Events

Team Msan Lifecare & Tourism (I) Private Limited products and services are not authorized to be used in conjunction with any type of fund raising activity. Fund- raising Includes the solicitations for the purchase of Team Msan Lifecare & Tourism (I) Private Limited products and services based on the representation that all or a portion of gains, proceeds or profits generated by such will benefit a particular group / organization or cause Any program, activity or promotional event organized by Team Msan Lifecare & Tourism (I) Private Limited should not be utilized for any other personal promotion at personal financial benefit.

Accounts with the Banks

No IBO is permitted to open any account with the banks in the name of Team Msan Lifecare & Tourism (I) Private Limited or issue Cheque by name of the company or use any logos, which express or simply the involvement of the company. Violation of the same will result in punitive action.

Enforcement of Code of Ethics

Violation of the Team Msan Lifecare & Tourism (I) Private Limited Code of Ethics effect may have on the business of any individual IBO and also on the public at large including image of the Company. Therefore it is essential on part of every IBO to comply with the terms and conditions envisaged in the Code of ethics, Online Agreement, Registration Application form, Terms and Conditions and if any other agreed, amended terms and conditions, in order to safeguard the Interest and reputation of Team Msan Lifecare & Tourism (I) Private Limited. If any IBO violates the Code of Ethics or any other agreed terms, disciplinary action will be initiated against him / her either by terminating or suspending or penalizing or seeking action through legal recourse.

Complaint Procedure

When the complaint is received against any of the IBOs, immediately the said complaint will be scrutinized. If prima facie the information furnished / received appears to be true, the IBO will be placed under suspension with immediate effect and notice will be issued later.


Termination by the Company

The Company by suo-moto, at its discretion and with or without notice in writing to an IBO, can terminate the authorization to operate as an IBO, if one or more of the following occurs:

Termination Effect

Legal & Jurisdiction:

If the IBO intends to question the decision of company, he may raise any dispute on such decision under Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of competent Courts In Mumbai irrespective of having concurrent or similar Jurisdiction by any other courts In India or abroad.